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Three Rivers Ranch Guide School: May 2017 Class

Three Rivers Ranch Guide School – May 2017 Our May guide school went off during the peak of the salmon fly hatch.  Sure, not every class will be as lucky, but with the sheer quality of fishing around here, makes both spring and fall sessions ideal for any angler. We are confident our guide school is the best in the business.  Don’t take our word for it, here is a review from a recent graduate (and now working guide): Jacob P. “As my flight from Denver to Idaho Falls pushed back from the gate, I found myself wondering what my experience would be for the upcoming week of guide school. However, within the first few hours of spending time at the ranch getting to know the instructors and other students at the school, I knew that the upcoming week would be a fantastic opportunity to soak in years of knowledge. I believe that what separates the Three Rivers Ranch Guide School program from similar programs throughout the country is the mutual respect everyone has for each other. This mutual respect is based on everyone having the same passion for fly fishing and the desire to become better at it. This

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Owyhee River Fishing Report – Aug 25

For a great day fishing the Owyhee be prepared to switch between dry fly and nymph tactics throughout the day. Early morning spinner falls have had fish looking up, and dry-fly fishing has been on the decline as we continue into late summer/fall. There has been an early morning lull for dry flies until the PMD/Pink hatch starts around 1:30 p.m. If you’re in the right spot, expect a good power hour or two of fishing during the hatch. Hoppers in yellow and tan have been producing some nice late summer browns, Run a dropper 2-3ft below. PMD’s, Pink Cahill, BWOs, Caddis, Midge Owyhee River below the Dam Owyhee River near Rome, OR

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Boise River Fly Fishing Report – Aug 25

Anderson Ranch Tailwater: It’s that time of the year that summer flows are beginning to drop. As of now the South Fork is dropping down to 562cfs and will continue to drop down to average winter flows of 300-350cfs. With that being said, the fish will need a few days to acclimate to the new change in flows, but the fishing should pick up again as it has been great through the summer. Hoppers are still around, so a hopper dropper rig will still be a go to set up for this time of the year. Try colors in tan, yellow, pink: sizes 8-12. BWO’s should start showing as we progress into September as well as late evening skittering Crane Flies. TIPS: Work a hopper dropper rig into structure and boulders. Be ready in the evening looking for crane flies skittering as these SF bows are known to explode on them!     Boise In-Town: Flows are holding at 877cfs, and should drop in the next few weeks. Nymphing has been most productive through town with rigs of hares ears, pheasant tails, zebra midges. Those patterns will produce in sizes 14-20. Streamers in the early morning and evening have produced

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Fly Fishing Eastern Idaho; a must see regional video tour!

If you've never been to Eastern Idaho, you might not exactly know what to expect.  Vast fertile farmland, yes we have that.  What you might not know is that the sheer amount of rivers, lakes, and resevoirs in our region can leave even the most seasoned world traveler surprised. This Google Earth video is mixed in with breathtaking high definition helicopter footage (courtesy of Wide Eye Productions) of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River, South Fork of the Snake, Mesa Falls, the Tetons, Table Rock, and your home away from home, Three Rivers Ranch.  It will give you a good idea of where we are located and the views we take for granted living in such a beautiful place.  Be sure to take a look at the Emmy Award Winning movie, The Fly Highway from Wide Eye Productions. If you would like to contact us to book a trip call (208) 652-3750 or send us a note!

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August 21 – Experience the Full Solar Eclipse at Three Rivers Ranch

On August 21st, 2017 we will have a rare total solar eclipse pass through the Upper Snake River Valley!  As you can see from the pictures, we'll be directly in the path.  Late August typically brings no clouds and great weather, and great fishing as well so plan accordingly.  We still have some spots available and are honoring our 2017 rates. To reserve a spot, call Three Rivers Ranch today at (208) 652-3750 or send us an email.

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Idaho & Eastern Oregon 2017 Water Report

**Photos Updated on Feb 21, 2017 Snow, snow, and more snow. So far the winter of 2016/2017 has been nothing short of good news for our mountain snowpack’s throughout much of Idaho and the West. As we approach spring, we can be highly optimistic that this snowpack, in turn will provide a solid spring runoff and good water for all the rivers this coming summer. All of our Snake River Drainages are well above average for snowpack and water content so fingers crossed, it’s looking good! Do keep in mind that we still have another 2 months of snowfall accumulation to go, and in that time period a lot can change. But as of now, things are looking good. Lets break it down on some of the local snowpack drainages that feed the Boise River, Owyhee River, and our Eastern Idaho Rivers. The Owyhee River Drainage As of February 6th, The Owyhee River drainage is at 154% of normal snowpack for this time of the year. Of the many tail water rivers we enjoy, this river system needs as much snowpack as they can get to ensure us a great summer of fishing, and ample flows that will stay cool

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South Fork Snake River Fly Fishing Report, Winter Fishing in Eastern Idaho for February 1, 2017

South Fork of the Snake River Fly Fishing Report: The South Fork of the Snake River has been fishing quite well.  Those of you looking for a great day, head up to the Swan Valley area.  There will be some dry fly action on sunny days and when temperatures start to get around 32 degrees and above.  When packing your fly box, make sure and take midges, rubber legs, small zebras, & dark streamers in black & dark olive.  You can also use a San Juan worm or an egg pattern, but only when you’re super desperate or approaching an “oh-fer” or close to getting skunked. Reserve your Snake River Guided Fly Fishing Trip Today.

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Henry’s Fork Fly Fishing Report – Winter Fishing Report for February 1, 2017

Henrys Fork Fly Fishing Report:   The Henry’s Fork is pretty tough to fish as of lately.  The ice shelf is pretty extensive covering about 15 feet into the river.  On the lower section of the Henrys Fork, the ice shelf covers roughly 1/3 of the river.  Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL as the ice is slushy and slick!  It’s not entirely a lost cause, so don’t fret.  The best place to get a little fishing in is up near Warm River around Stone’s Bridge (the boat ramp in Warm River off Fishermans Drive).  We’re looking forward to the slightly warmer temperatures February may bring.  So look for sunny days and temperatures rising above 32 degrees. Stop by our Ashton Fly Shop & Liquor Store to stock up on flies. Flies to use:  Rubber Legs, Prince nymphs, pheasant tail, zebra midges, & streamers (black, dark olive)  

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