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Henry’s Fork Fishing Report – January 2018

Lower Section (Ashton downstream):  Nymph fish in the early or late part of the day. Look for rising fish on midges in afternoon during the warmest part of the day. Cold nights and mornings have some sections of the river with slush and ice jams floating around. Streamer fishing, Nymphing with possible midge adult dry fly action in mid-afternoon. Upper Section (Ashton Upstream): Nymphing with either stone nymphs or zebra midges with glo-bug egg patterns. Look for rising fish in mid-afternoon on adult midges or clusters. Streamer fishing all day is an option as well. Slower stripping! Cold nights and mornings have slush and ice jams floating around on certain sections of the river. Weather Outlook:  Snowy with Colder temps. Upper 20’s for highs and teens & single digits for the lows.  Dress warmly with lots of layers. Stop by our Ashton Fly Shop to stock up on flies or give us a call at (208) 652-3008 for more fishing info.   Henry's Fork near Island Park, ID Henry's Fork near Ashton, ID The post Henry’s Fork Fishing Report – January 2018 appeared first on TRR Outfitters.

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Boise River Fly Fishing Report – January

The South Fork of the Boise is at its normal winter flows of 302 CFS. We are seeing some good baetis hatches along with a few midges in the mid-afternoon and evenings depending on the day. Nymphing has been the most productive technique, try using a stonefly pattern like a rubber leg or leech with a small pheasant tail, zebra midge, or copper john as a dropper. Streamer fishing has picked up in the deeper holes with natural colored sculpin patterns and baitfish patterns. Remember it’s barbless single hook only on this stretch of river. TIPS:  Look for those overcast, rainy days for the best late fall Baetis hatches. Stop by or call our Boise Fly Shop for up to date information on where to fish and what to use. (208) 939-6065   Boise River - In Town @ Glenwood Bridge South Fork of the Boise @ Anderson Ranch Dam The post Boise River Fly Fishing Report – January appeared first on TRR Outfitters.

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Owyhee River Fishing Report – January

With flows at around 38cfs, you’ll be doing a lot of stalking for mid-afternoon risers keying in on small Baetis and Midges. This time of the year we try and give the river a break since the Browns are in post spawn and some can still be seen guarding redds. Even though the spawn is mostly done, by walking through the riffles, and trampling through redds can still damage the eggs. That being said, it can still be a great winter fishery on the right day. If you’re not seeing any top activity, try running shallow rigs of zebra midges, hares ears, and Baetis emerger nymphs, all in sizes 16-22. Fish long leaders of 5x or 6x in the 10-12 foot range for best results when targeting those risers. Also, I like to fish small foam indicators with shallow light rigs to effectively fish this small water. Watch out for Redds as a lot of the shallow gravel zones will have them. Please do not target fish on redds. Good Luck! **There are only a few months until spring fishing on the ‘O’, hope this two-fer get you excited!  It does me! Owyhee River below the Dam Owyhee River near

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TRR Outfitters’ 2017 Holiday Guide

What gifts should I get a fly fisherman? Things are getting pretty festive around here, and as we all start to prepare for the holidays, some of you might be racking your brain trying to think what to get the fly fisherman in your life. Our fly shop is full of fantastic gear that any angler would want, but finding that right gift is still tricky. To help prevent the wide-eyed glassy stare when you come in, check out our holiday guide. The Stocking Stuffers We have several fresh off the press new shop t-shirts and sweatshirts. Want to give something extra special? Ask us about our custom options. Hats, hats and more hats. Any fly fisherman will tell you that they cannot have enough hats. Come check out our endless selection of Patagonia, Fishing with Feathers, Rep your Water and Three Rivers Ranch hats. The Essentials The essentials, also known as the socks and underwear of Christmas. Although they may not be the most exciting gifts under the tree they are most important. Come by the shop and have one our guides put together a Tacky Fly box ($24.95) complete with custom nymphs (+Flies up to $70.00) used for fishing our local rivers here

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Safeguarding Idaho’s Economy in a Changing Climate summit held at Henrys’ Fork Foundation Community Campus

Earlier in November, the Henry’s Fork Watershed Council hosted a satellite location of Safeguarding Idaho’s Economy in a Changing Climate, a two-day a summit held November 16th and 17th. Invited speakers represented a broad sample of private businesses, public agencies, tribes, and NGOs in Idaho from Simplot and HP to the EPA and Idaho Dept. of Lands to Trout Unlimited. See the complete list of speakers here. Speakers gathered in Boise and their presentations were live-streamed to three organized satellite locations in Pocatello (Idaho State University), Moscow (University of Idaho), and Ashton (Henry’s Fork Foundation). Absorbing the broad perspectives provided by the presenters in Boise was only half of what the summit offered! The last 2-3 hours of each day were devoted to breakout sessions where summit participants at all four locations focused on some aspect of Idaho’s economy that has been and will likely continue to be affected by climate change. The breakout sessions utilized a concept called Human Centered Design to create and prototype solutions to safeguard Idaho’s economy in a changing climate. Human Centered Design is a highly structured process that allows a diverse group of people to incrementally work toward designing solutions toward a common goal

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Apply these techniques to improve your fly fishing experience.

As a fly shop manager, guide and avid fly fisherman for Three Rivers Ranch, I get asked countless questions on how to improve the experience of fly fishing in our area and beyond.  I have always loved sharing local knowledge as well as my own experiences regarding the illustrious sport of fly fishing for trout in our region.  I have also loved imparting information that helps the regular traveler and the professional alike.  Here are 10 ways that I have improved my own life when it comes to fly fishing.  I hope these aspects expand your own experience, I know they have for me: 1)  First and foremost, I think the best advice is:  Think for Yourself! I meet so many fly-fishermen and women that ask the most fundamental questions and they then start to tell me what they think.  Why?  Most fly fisher-people know more than they give themselves credit.  You have spent countless hours doing what we all love, take that experience and build upon it.  There is no “magic fly” and your knowledge of your local water is more important than any ‘shop guy’ telling you what to buy. 2)  Diversity:  “Have the kitchen sink” means less

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Harriman Canal Restoration Project

As the most iconic stretch of the Henry’s Fork, the Harriman reach or “the Ranch” is near and dear to many anglers’ hearts. These 8 river miles are surrounded by Harriman State Park (HSP), a former private cattle ranch gifted to the state of Idaho in 1961 and fully transferred in 1977 by the Harriman family. Permittees still graze cattle in the park and the Henry’s Fork Foundation (HFF) established a riparian fencing program in 1984 to help protect the banks of the river from erosion. Over 30 years later, conservation work conducted by HFF, Harriman State Park, the Friends of Harriman State Park (FHSP), grazing permittees, and volunteers continues to protect this famed stretch of river. The first of these is HFF’s fencing program. Beginning at the very start of HFF’s history in 1984, the riparian fencing program has grown and evolved over time, but centers on 3 miles of fence that HFF monitors each year (1.5 miles at Wood Road 16 and 1.5 miles across from Last Chance). In late spring, HFF puts up the two sections of barbed wire fence and in late fall, once cattle are no longer grazing in the park, staff return to lay

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Water Year 2017: Precipitation 138% of average, streamflow 109% of average

Water year 2017 was above average in both precipitation and streamflow. Averaged over the whole watershed, precipitation was 138% of average, led by the Fall River watershed, at 144% of average. Due to the cumulative effect of four years of drought, especially in the groundwater-dominated subwatersheds, natural streamflow was only 109% of average, led by the Teton River at 134% of average. Streamflow in the upper Henry's Fork, which is dominated by groundwater, was only 91% of average. Water Year 2017 Climate: Wet but Warm Text text text text text Water Year 2017 Streamflow 9% Above Average text text 2017 Diversion Near Average but Storage Delivery Below Average text text text text Looking Ahead With Island Park Reservoir already very near its April-1 average, outflow from the reservoir over the remainder of the fall and winter will be very close to inflow. Projected gain in the river between Henry's Lake and Island Park will average 415 cfs over the fall and winter. Currently, Henry's Lake is delivering about 50 cfs to Island Park Reservoir, but that will probably decrease to somewhere between 0 and 20 cfs later in the fall. Thus, projected outflow from Island Park Reservoir during the middle

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Foam Fly Sale at TRR Outfitters in Eagle!

TRR Outfitters in Eagle is having a Foam Fly Sale for the entire month of October.  Prices start at only $15.00 per dozen!  Stock up for 21018! We will gladly ship them to you for FREE with a $100.00 order. Call (208) 939-6065, Email, or visit us at our Boise Fly Shop today! The post Foam Fly Sale at TRR Outfitters in Eagle! appeared first on TRR Outfitters.

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