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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report – Sept 20

The latest South Fork of the Snake River fishing report was yesterday from Wolf to Heise & it was great news!  There were lots of fish between 14 and 19 inches.  We had big brown trout coming up and sipping dry flies as well. You could focus on: Pink Alberts, PMD’s, terrestrials were ok but the conditions were pretty cold.  There was a little Baetis hatch, but not for long. South Fork Snake Near Irwin, ID SF Snake near Irwin - River Forecast The post South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report – Sept 20 appeared first on TRR Outfitters.

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Henry’s Fork Fishing Report – Sept 20

The Henry’s Fork has been fishing well, considering the weather.  The last few days have brought a light dusting of snow to the upper sections of the Henry’s Fork.  The main issue is wind.  The lower section of the Henry’s Fork (below Ashton) is more susceptible to wind than in the canyon section (Osbourne Bridge to Ashton). As for fishing, BWO’s are around!  Terrestrials are still crawling, but are waining, due to the weather.  Try a rusty spinner, or go with a streamer. Henry's Fork near Island Park, ID Henry's Fork near Ashton, ID The post Henry’s Fork Fishing Report – Sept 20 appeared first on TRR Outfitters.

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Teton River Fishing Report – Sept 4

The Teton River has been fishing great. We are right in the middle of dry fly heaven, so everything underneath the sun. Sulpher & pink mayflies are out in force. Mahogany mayflies are starting to show up as well. We still have caddis still bouncing around & of course, the terrestrials are all working awesome (ants, beetles, hoppers, etc.). For those of you that are not dry-fly anglers, streamers have been working as well. You pretty much need to take the kitchen sink with you. The fish are getting a lot of pressure, and they are getting a little picky. The water temperatures on the Teton River are lower than previous years due to the snowpack from last winter; this translates to better fishing for longer. Still, focus on fishing early in the morning (until about noon), then after 4-5pm to avoid the mid-day heat. Teton River AB South Leigh Teton River AB South Leigh - River Forecast

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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report – Sept 4

The South Fork of the Snake River has been hanging in there, but it’s a little bit tougher than previous years. The river has been holding at around 9000cfs for the past week. The average at this time of year is around 7700cfs. Water clarity is excellent, and the flow forecasts are expected to stay put for the next week. Focus on the typical and obvious places; riffles, grassy banks, side-channels, etc. Hopper droppers are essential to success. They are still eating the top bug, but you’ll see more action with the dropper. Use: Split Backs, Jighead Pheasant-Tails, Jighead Hares-Ear, Zebra Midges, Micro-Mayfly; All colors of Chubby Chernobyls, & Waterwalkers. Also, use big & nasty streamer patterns; anything articulated in white, yellow, brown, etc. South Fork of the Snake River near Irwin SF Snake near Irwin - River Forecast

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H3 Fly Rod Review: A Day with the Orvis Helios 3

I stopped by the shop with my lifelong friend to grab a few extra flies and gear that had been working great for me before we hit the water. Now that business was taken care of, new leaders, tippet, hot flies picked out, which happened to be a soft hackle PMD and yellow hoppers, and we were headed out the door to our favorite taco truck before we hit the river. Just before we left the shop, my buddy noticed the new Orvis Helios 3 – 9′ 5wt D on the rack all rigged up and ready to cast in the lot. He said, “hey ask Nick if we could take that out today?” The thought of fishing that rod for the day got me excited because after casting it in the lot outside a day or two before I knew it would be my next rod. My awesome manager said it would be okay to try the fly rod out and instantly our day of fishing got a whole lot better! After filling up on cheap authentic tacos and a short drive later, we had arrived at one of my favorite stretches of water, all to ourselves. I rigged

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Three Rivers Ranch Guide School: May 2017 Class

Three Rivers Ranch Guide School – May 2017 Our May guide school went off during the peak of the salmon fly hatch.  Sure, not every class will be as lucky, but with the sheer quality of fishing around here, makes both spring and fall sessions ideal for any angler. We are confident our guide school is the best in the business.  Don’t take our word for it, here is a review from a recent graduate (and now working guide): Jacob P. “As my flight from Denver to Idaho Falls pushed back from the gate, I found myself wondering what my experience would be for the upcoming week of guide school. However, within the first few hours of spending time at the ranch getting to know the instructors and other students at the school, I knew that the upcoming week would be a fantastic opportunity to soak in years of knowledge. I believe that what separates the Three Rivers Ranch Guide School program from similar programs throughout the country is the mutual respect everyone has for each other. This mutual respect is based on everyone having the same passion for fly fishing and the desire to become better at it. This

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Owyhee River Fishing Report – Aug 25

For a great day fishing the Owyhee be prepared to switch between dry fly and nymph tactics throughout the day. Early morning spinner falls have had fish looking up, and dry-fly fishing has been on the decline as we continue into late summer/fall. There has been an early morning lull for dry flies until the PMD/Pink hatch starts around 1:30 p.m. If you’re in the right spot, expect a good power hour or two of fishing during the hatch. Hoppers in yellow and tan have been producing some nice late summer browns, Run a dropper 2-3ft below. PMD’s, Pink Cahill, BWOs, Caddis, Midge Owyhee River below the Dam Owyhee River near Rome, OR

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Boise River Fly Fishing Report – Aug 25

Anderson Ranch Tailwater: It’s that time of the year that summer flows are beginning to drop. As of now the South Fork is dropping down to 562cfs and will continue to drop down to average winter flows of 300-350cfs. With that being said, the fish will need a few days to acclimate to the new change in flows, but the fishing should pick up again as it has been great through the summer. Hoppers are still around, so a hopper dropper rig will still be a go to set up for this time of the year. Try colors in tan, yellow, pink: sizes 8-12. BWO’s should start showing as we progress into September as well as late evening skittering Crane Flies. TIPS: Work a hopper dropper rig into structure and boulders. Be ready in the evening looking for crane flies skittering as these SF bows are known to explode on them!     Boise In-Town: Flows are holding at 877cfs, and should drop in the next few weeks. Nymphing has been most productive through town with rigs of hares ears, pheasant tails, zebra midges. Those patterns will produce in sizes 14-20. Streamers in the early morning and evening have produced

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Natural Streamflow at Long-Term Average; Minimal Storage Needed

Watershed-total natural streamflow is at its long-term average of around 3,000 cfs and receding slowly. Watershed-total diversion has dropped around 1,000 cfs from its maximum back in early July and is currently a little over 2,500 cfs. Storage delivery has been minimal this season; outflow from Island Park has dropped from its peak of 1,080 cfs on July 23 to 640 cfs now. Island Park Reservoir is still 90% full, compared with 33% on this date in 2016. Watershed-total Natural Streamflow at Average Streamflow in Fall River and Teton River remains above average and has been receding only very slowly over the past few weeks. In fact, flow in both streams increased late last week in response to afternoon and evening rain showers. Meanwhile, streamflow in the upper Henry's Fork is below average because of low inputs from the Yellowstone Plateau groundwater springs. Total watershed input between Henry’s Lake and Ashton over the past two weeks has averaged 1,245 cfs, which is 91% of the 87-year average of 1,367 cfs.  However, the springs are starting to respond positively to this year’s above-average precipitation. Last year over the same time period, watershed input was 1,183 cfs, only 87% of the long-term

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Home Is Where You Pass the Time

There is both an abundance and shortage of time in any place we call home. For six weeks I have called Ashton home. For two years I have called Stanford home, and every moment since their beginning has been an opportunity for retrospect and shock. Shock because they will be gone and what’s next will begin. There is no democracy in time. There is however the comfort of consistency and persistence. As all people I impose what autonomy I have over time and organize its passage into weeks, months, and years. Each Monday is connected to the last, organized and concise to suggest that commonality exists between this and the next. But without months and years to hide behind we stand before a single block of time called life and confront the question of what we shall do with this. The repetition of these intervals offers sanity and home is the bedrock of any repetition.   I have spent the past six weeks reading, hiking, climbing, and coding. Three weeks ago I went to Yellowstone National Park for the first time with Sam Cochran and Maverick. I watched geysers erupt and allowed the tourism fill me with patriotism. Yellowstone is

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